Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Back to Work.

Will be in the UK for a few weeks. Radio Doug, wish you a speedy recovery, you are missed in the park. See you all in June.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

My bike.

Amit, one fast skater.

Marc and Will...

Will looking Hard YO!!
He's not so Hard!!

Wyatt and Max

Happy Birthday little dude.

Jose with his Salmon.

Nice bike. Classic!!

Phil with and without the helmet.

oh yeah.. still won't recognize him in the street.


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VO2MAXOUT Training.





Scottie smiling..

It was no punk, it was me!!

Hanging out

"Yeah let me call you right back, some punk is taking my picture."

Finally!! I can ride again.

Kam got me to get out there.

I need to lose weight

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Dancing fool

Yen's Visit 2009

Another great day in the park, always glad when she's in town. Someone yelled out, "Hey, you have a beautiful wife," but I think he meant to say, "you got a handsome husband," I don't like to be called "beautful wife." Whatever.. Glad she was around, good time as always.
Good times in the park. A free Concert, great company and a beer in bag, what more can I ask for? Cheers.

Yen, a cute chick with hair covering her face checking her phone, and a Happy guy.
Dancing fools.
Hey!! how you doing?

Eunyoung checking out the skaters.